The most basic step in the grooming routine is facial cleansing. There are those who tend to underestimate it and think that even the solid soap of the body will do the job, but this is not the case. We tested 4 facial soaps – here’s what we thought

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Opinions are divided about facial soaps. There is evidence that says that this is a product that is supposed to be the cheapest in our grooming routine – just scrub, so that the rest of the energies (and cash) are put into the other products such as a good serum, active night cream and lightening mask. The second school claims that facial soap, despite its uncomplicated composition in contrast to the various creams offered on the market, is a particularly important necessary essential product and should be taken very seriously. Choose one that cleans thoroughly, removes makeup residue if necessary, and at the same time takes care to maintain the balance of fat in the skin. We tested eight soaps before, from leading companies alongside beauticians who own their own flagship products and here’s what we thought.


Has been starring in the category for years and it is completely justified

The special cleansing gel of the successful American brand has been starring in the various beauticians for years, especially in those who do not boast of their own products. Without a doubt – this is an excellent product. The experimenter reported that it cleans thoroughly, balances the level of fat in the skin, but there is also a slight minus – the opening of the bottle leads to over-spending and not to the proper use of the product, a little sucks matter in relation to the price. Suitable for all skin types.

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Thorough cleaning with a minimum of material

The experimenter, with combination to dry skin, plus very sensitive to odors, enjoyed the thorough feeling of cleanliness left by the soap. Frothy, odorless, and enough of 2-3 presses to scrub the face well.

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Pleasant texture with a gentle exfoliation

The foam soap based on organic ingredients gave the face a very pleasant texture. The experimenter, who has older skin, even reported that there is a slight feeling of slipping on the forehead, probably thanks to the peeling grains found in the compound.

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You need a respectable dish to feel real cleanliness. On the other hand – the price is tempting

Two experimenters tested the accessible soap and below are the results – one indicated that it was very dry on the skin and may be more true for oily skin. The other, a young man, argued that quantities are needed to feel that he is indeed cleansing. On the one hand – not expensive enough not to recommend, on the other hand – not one of the best on the market.

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