A lot of good things did not come out of the damn 2020, which is to say – we managed to focus on some beauty and beauty products that we will definitely adopt in the coming year as well. Excellent hair serum, spray make-up, and how not? Alcohol with a touch of magic. Without sticks – these are the top 5

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The perfect base: Smashbox primer

The discovery of the quarantine – the first, the second and now also the third

The Smashbox primer is one of the good things that happened to us in this closure. So good that every morning we debated whether to keep it for better days or spend it on the only representatives of the adult humanity we meet today – tired parents in the garden under the house. It has everything a nervous face needs and even more – a water-based moisturizing formula, with a very smooth and pleasant gel texture, perfect as a base under make-up and without anything above it, which turns the crime scene known as your epidermis into a uniform, bright surface And glow.

Get it from- https://amzn.to/2MiGEbK

The ultimate renovator: YSL’s TOUCHE ÉCLAT HIGH COVER

Updated version of the iconic product

The touch eclat of YSL, the most successful interior splitter in history, at least of our private wedge, updates version. The product that has hitherto been used as a Perfect-Healer, and has successfully organized a skin that does not require serious sealants, is also becoming a full-fledged concealer in its new version. With the same convenient user interface and the same silky brush, and now also with significant coverage capabilities – just what he was missing to make perfect. Those who at such times refrain from overloading smears (and rightly so, hard anyway), can settle for an eclipse pencil to do little magic on the face – a little blur under the eyes, a little on the groove in the forehead, a little on the pigmentation in the cheek, and other troubles and roughness – everything looks more even, brighter And after a natural awakening.

Get it from – https://amzn.to/3k9QxEU

Splash for a good day: DIOR AirFlash make-up spray

Zero effort and a thin, radiant and durable finish

For those who are still in the business of picking themselves up in the morning and investing a little more, we will be happy to admire loudly the relatively new make-up of Dior that comes in a comfortable spray to carry, assuming you have somewhere to carry it, and is also suitable for touchups, even if your makeup routine Based on touchups only. You can spray it on the hand and from there with a swab or brush, our favorite version is to simply spray on the face 2-3 splashes from a distance of 20 cm, do not be alarmed by the Donald Trumpi look because the orange shade disappears with the application. Two wipes with a swab, and with zero effort you will get Thin, radiant, very durable and happy finish.

Get it from – https://amzn.to/2Mdx9dR

For Good Hair Day: Wheat Oil Serum, ABSOLUT REPAIR GOLD by L’Oreal Professional

Split ends? What is it?

The Absolute Repair Gold series was launched somewhere in the summer, to treat sun damage and chlorine, but what can we say, our hair is careful to be damaged just as badly even in winter, and the non-rinsing serum we intend to adopt in all seasons. You do not need more than a small amount of pressure on the pump to get rid of split ends and fringes at least temporarily, the hair remains extremely soft and without oily residue, and the smell – America.

Get it from – https://amzn.to/3kia4mL