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Buying Michael Kors products are an amazing design option with a special taste. The special designs of the American Jewish designer have been considered the first line of fashion for many years. There are a lot of Michael Kors online products ranging from special watches, bags, sunglasses and clothing. The problem is that the price of Mamkil Kors products in Israel is very expensive, so we recommend buying them from abroad through Amazon.

The selection of Michael Kors products on Amazon is huge and of course it is much larger than in any regular store here in Israel, so you can find many more things that you will like at prices that will in most cases be much lower than their price in Israel.


About Michael Kors

Michael Cross is a well-known American fashion designer of Jewish descent, who owns one of the leading clothing and fashion accessories companies in the world that bears his name. His company specializes mainly in sports and elegant clothes that it markets, but also a lot of people buy their fashion accessories, such as watches, sunglasses, bags and more.

Since Michael Kors chose to call his girlfriend by his name and not by another name, it is surprising to find that he was actually born with a completely different name. When he was born his name was Carl Anderson Jr. but because his mother got excited and married a second time to a man named Bill Kors he got the surname Kors when he was five years old. His mother told him that if he wanted he could already on this occasion change his first name as well because in any case his family name would change. He chose the name Michael David for himself because he knew these were two names that his mother really liked.

Another interesting fact about Michael Kors is that he did not actually study design significantly. Already at a very very young age he started tinkering with the design of clothes. He says that as a child he was excited when fashion brochures like Vogue arrived. At a young age he sold clothes and objects shaped like candles from his parents’ hut. At the time he called the store he opened in his parents’ basement called “The Iron Butterfly.” His mother claims that when she got married a second time and he was five years old he was already involved in the design of her wedding dress. His mother attributes her son’s great interest in design to the fact that she worked as a model when he was a child. His interest in holding clothes and painting has led to him being boycotted several times by other children as a child, and in recent years he has participated several times in anti-child boycott campaigns.

Michael Kors’ story is a classic Cinderella story of the design world. When he tried to study at the Tanological Institute of Fashion in New York he did not last the studies and retired from them after nine months. He started working in a boutique store in New York. At first he worked there as a salesman but as they absorbed his extraordinary abilities they allowed him to design the shop window.

The boutique where Michael Kors worked was in front of the huge department store in Bergdorf Goodman, and the store’s chief designer, Don Malo, saw Kors’ unique designs and allowed him to display his designs in the store. Hence the path of a course opened to the world of high fashion. Michael Kors’ Cinderella story closed the circle when he developed a product line that bears his name and already in 2014 Forbes magazine estimated that he had more than a billion dollars. In recent years he has appeared several times in the Times Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People and more magazines. He is also very much involved in international charities. He expressed his love for his mother by making a whole line of products named after his mother.

Michael Kors Company

Today michael kors has over 900 stores worldwide. The company has stores in all the major cities in the world such as London, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul. A lot of celebrities wear Michael Cross clothing. Among them are Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Malinia Tranp, Nicole Kidman, Olivia Wilde, Kate Hudson and many more.

Michael Kors’ clothes and stores are considered to be clothes that have a great deal of attention to detail. Michael Kors in his people is involved to this day for many details in the design of his clothes and stores. Michael Kors’ clothes are considered to be clothes that can be found in designs that are suitable for women in different sizes. Michael Kors himself claims that the secret of his clothes has to do with the fact that he loves women. He says that whoever loves his customers will succeed in achieving good results.

The advertisements of the Michael Kors company are very special and manage to convey in a very strong way the relaxed and special lifestyle of the clothes. For many years the commercials were of model Berman Cass who was photographed on exotic vacations on safari in Africa or on yachts.

Buying Michael Kors products on Amazon

Buying michael kors products on amazon has many benefits. Of course the biggest advantage of this purchase is the relatively low price of Michael Kors products in the US and Amazon relative to the price of these products in Israel. Of course when buying from abroad you have to add to the price the shipping price, Also add the price of VAT. But when you buy from Amazon the price of shipping and taxes is already calculated at the time of purchase. The price you pay when you buy from Amazon as a seller is the final price you will pay and will not require any additional payment later. More expensive, Amazon undertakes not to charge you extra.In the end in most products their price along with taxes and shipping is cheaper than the price in the country.

Another big advantage of buying Michael Kors products on Amazon is the large selection of products. Amazon today is the largest store in the entire world, so the inventory and selection it holds from each product is much larger than anywhere else. The chance that you will find a product that you like is much greater because there are many more options than in any physical store you visit in Israel.

Amazon has managed to upgrade the online shopping experience to something completely different compared to what is known on Chinese or other sites. Amazon’s service is known as an amazing service that will make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Amazon’s customer service level is nothing short of amazing. When you buy from Amazon as sellers they will make sure that you will not have a problem with the delivery and that if you are not satisfied with the product your problem will be dismissed. Contrary to popular belief elsewhere Amazon does not research its buyers and gives them full trust, and the atmosphere is very good.

You should know that sellers who try to sell on Amazon know that if buyers complain about them they will very quickly lose their ability to sell on Amazon. Amazon is very unforgiving towards sellers who have complaints about them and therefore the sellers at Amazon make a conscious and clear effort to give excellent customer service to their products, and they are considered to be very reliable within the internet world.

Pleasant purchase.